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Vibrant pulsating colors and shapes dance around the face of a stranger, smudging and oozing into a distorted masked figure of energy as magenta and yellow outline the secreting heat, creating a vibration of light and color. Familiar to that of a smooth trip, Acid Bath’s creations see beyond the white-washed preconceptions to illustrate a psychedelic alternative.

His complex drawings and mixed media collages are visual metaphors for the illusionary state we as people are subjected to by our material desires, yearnings, and instilled belief systems. His work addresses issues of perceived power and its consolidation by a selected minority, the psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural effects that are visible on both micro and macro levels. Our current sociocultural dynamic is one that encourages continual separation and division within our communities, environments and true selves, Acid Bath’s pieces are starting points for conversations whose convergence is essential in bringing people together.

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